Three Trees is a reality-based program with a mission to return people who suffer from an eating disorder back into the real world, equipped with coping skills and strategic tools — ready to live without food as the center of their world.

All individuals that suffer from an eating disorder display disordered eating, however, not all individuals with disordered eating can be diagnosed clinically with an eating disorder. What sets us apart from any other treatment center is that we not only treat the eating disorder but also take care of the disordered eating components. This helps our clients be better prepared for each transitional step to the long-term success in their recovery process

Our boutique-style environment provides the individual support needed. Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating honors all bodies with individually designed nutrition plans that will promote the most effective recovery possible, whatever that may look like for you. We help men and women 18 years and older who are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating. We believe the effects of these conditions reach beyond any individual and therefore we nurture and educate our clients along with their families.

At Three Trees, we customize each food and lifestyle plan that best suits the individual. Our registered dietitians and therapists work closely together to provide the most applicable treatment approach for long-term success. Unlike any other facility, Three Trees caters towards stabilization and long-term after care.


Our philosophy is based upon the notion that anyone suffering needs to learn how to own and responsibly control their food preparation, emotions towards food, and one’s body image self-acceptance. It is not about taking control away, it is about empowering an individual to constructively redirect and manage that control in a meaningful direction.

What we call our “Honor Your Body” philosophy, it is rooted in therapeutic approaches designed to help cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Once an individual is able to achieve this, the process to honor the body through acceptance and care is the result of a genuine sense of self worth.

The Honor Your Body philosophy strongly coincides with the rationale to calling ourselves Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating. “Three Trees” represents our organization’s commitment to focus on the balance needed for a full recovery regarding one’s mind, body, and spirit. The number three represents optimism, tolerance, joyfulness, effective communication and inspiration, all components necessary when surrendering to an eating disorder. Our program is based on a three level system that represents a beginning, middle and an end that results in learning the transition to live a life in recovery. All of these combined supports and represents our belief system on learning how to Honor Your Body.


At Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating our medical and clinical staff are known as the elite experts in the field of eating disorder treatment. As in every aspect of our organizations philosophy, we pride ourselves in the dedication to effectively treat individuals suffering from this disease. Our highly trained, experienced and skilled staff utilizes the most successful approaches for long-term recovery. Our team is dedicated and passionate to heal each and every client through evidence-based approaches most compelling in the success for any eating disorder.