Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating has been a project in the making for years. We are honored and excited to create our own representation in an industry that is so close to our hearts. Our hope is that our collaboration enables us to positively impact and change the lives of many. Three Trees’ main goal is to create an effective path that encompasses all of the components to achieve long-term recovery from an eating disorder. We emphasize long-term recovery from an eating disorder because true recovery is possible! Unlike common approaches, we understand the importance of the disease in every aspect surrounding the recovery process. All too often, individuals are counseled and are never appropriately guided through the important transition related to their relationship and behaviors with food.

The rationale to calling ourselves Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating interprets our organization’s commitment to focus on the balance among one’s mind, body, and spirit. Our philosophy is based upon the notion that anyone suffering needs to learn how to take responsibility and ownership of their emotions and behaviors towards food, body image and self-acceptance. It is not about taking control away but rather teaching an individual how to constructively redirect and manage that control as well as empower them in a meaningful direction.

Anyone with an eating disorder has disordered eating. However, not everyone that has disordered eating has an eating disorder. In our time counseling individuals in both residential and outpatient settings, the common statement we heard far too often was, “What do I do when no one is making me do it?” The majority of treatment facilities either hold one’s hand so tightly that when they leave, they’re back to square one, or they follow an unrealistic nutrition plan that is far too challenging to maintain after treatment. Both paths lead back into an eating disorder. This is the major gap in treatment today. This serious, untreated issue is what we recognize as the main flaw in how individuals are being treated for their disease. Therefore, we have meticulously designed our three tier level program to be the most effective approach to treat any eating disorder and any disordered eating that is present. Our boutique style environment provides the individual support needed and honors all bodies with individually designed nutrition plans that will promote the most effective recovery possible.

Three Trees Center for Disordered Eating understands how an eating disorder evolves into recovery. Accordingly, we treat the individual and not just the eating disorder. We make sure someone is not masking recovery with disordered eating behaviors and if so, we will treat the disordered eating. Our level system has been designed to ease one into re-learning what living normally with food looks like. Our staff provides realistic tools to incorporate when someone is therapeutically ready, and we prepare everyone to learn how to be happy again with food no longer being the center of their life. Instead, long-term recovery from an eating disorder enables one to focus on their true passion and purpose in life, and we are humbled to be able to provide the guidance for their new, healthy lifestyle.

In Good Health,

Andrea & Robert